Seasons Dress

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant.

At the start of this pregnancy, I was craving for a longer dress that I wanted to wear on repeat. A longer dress that had the same vibe as Isabel, but more simple and fluid in design. I always knew I wanted to do a drawstring neckline. I always knew I wanted puff sleeves. I always knew I wanted pockets. I always knew I wanted it to be a longer dress. There's something about preparing for a new human to enter into my world that makes me crave to wear longer dresses. Perhaps because I find it to be more comforting.

This dress has such an ease to it. I've been so excited about it for so long. At my first fitting post prototype, I didn't want to take it off. Instantly, I knew this dress would journey with me through this next season of motherhood.

I named this dress SEASONS because it was the word that kept weighing on my heart whenever I would look at this dress or wear this dress. There have been so many hard seasons to enter into my life these past two years. This is definitely the dress I would wear through all of the joyous and painful moments. It's just so easy, so comforting - as comforting as a dress could be. I knew this was it. This was the dress I would wear through the many beautiful and character-building seasons to come into my life.

Often times, I think about younger Richelle. I know she would love this dress, too. I know she would look at me now and be so proud of herself. She wouldn’t believe it. All the things that have happened to make me into the woman I am today. I like to say that I am my younger self's wildest dreams. I still believe that to be true.

Am I a lot different than what I expected? Surely.

However, the seasons have been beautiful. Not always easy, but beautiful even in the most trying ways.

This dress. I am thankful for the way I feel whenever I wear it. I am thankful for the many different seasons it will move with me through.